What does the word organic mean to you?

To me it means nourishment, vibrance and nutrients without the load of environmental toxins. But is organic all it is meant to be. Over the last weekend I was fortunate enough to meet with Tyrone who is part owner of CT Organics. Tyrone graciously took me on a tour of his farm in Midlands (KZN) and talked me through some important aspects of Organic farming. CT Organics have a fantastic closed loop farming system whereby they use the nutrients from fish farming and free range chickens to fertilize and provide nutrients to the plants. He opened my eyes to the fact that plants need nutrients like potassium, calcium and boron to make them more resilient (much like humans do). It is about providing nutrients rather than pesticides to aid plant defense and growth.

At present nothing is truly organic in a pure sense of the word (you would have to farm on an island to achieve this) but CT Organics aims to get there in the future. CT organics is doing an amazing job to bring organic vegetables to your table.