Thyroid, PMS and Gut Repair

Alex was referred to me by her endocrinologist. She had been on medication for Thyroid for 13 years, had hormonal issues and irritable bowel syndrome. She felt tired and couldn’t get a grip on her anxiety. She wanted to know if there was more she could do to help her feel better.

We addressed her diet, sleep patterns and gut function first. We focussed on healing her gut, removing (temporarily) foods that caused irritation and helped her restore her sleep cycle. After 2 months she felt an improvement in energy and her headaches, acne and nausea had disappeared. She was also able to start exercising more vigorously.

Alex and I journeyed together for 8 months, navigating some big changes in her work life. Over that time she was able to get control over her anxiety, her gut no longer caused her discomfort and her hormonal symptoms regulated. Although weight loss was not a primary outcome she also managed to go from 75.5kgs to 65 kgs which was an added bonus.

Weight Issues & Healthy Eating

Anne had been steadily putting on weight over the past 10 months. During the consultation it was discovered that Anne was taking chronic medication which encourages fat storage. Weight loss would be a challenge. She also had bouts of diarrhoea and reflux which were troubling her. She had a medical history of raised cholesterol and blood pressure.

A specific diet and supplementation plan was designed to meet her weight loss goals as well as her gastric intestinal problem.After following the program for two and a half months, Anne achieved a 7 kgs weight loss. Her cholesterol and blood pressure improved. Her reflux and diarrhoea had also stopped completely and she was feeling much healthier.

Anne said the best thing about her success was that other people were starting to notice and compliment her!

Diabetes & Weight Loss

Brian was overweight with blood glucose levels all over the place. He and his wife first needed urgent help to get better control of his blood sugar levels as it was having an effect on his mental wellbeing as well as his health. At the time Brian weighed 84.4 kgs and his HbA1C reading was 8.5%. Brian was determined to “get better” and realised that his way of eating had to change.

After assessing all his requirements, a meal plan was put together for Brian to follow. Over the course of consults his HbA1C came down dramatically from 8.5% to 5.9% and he now requires much less insulin. His blood glucose levels stabilised and are now more evenly controlled. His weight also reduced from 84.4kgs – 76.6 kgs less insulin. Brian himself commented on how amazed he was to find that when following his eating plan he was never hungry. He is delighted with his success.


What my clients say

I was referred to Genevieve by my Oncologist. I weighed 96 kg after finishing chemo and started taking hormone blockers. I was desperate to lose the weight again as excess weight is a risk factor for the cancer coming back.Genevieve and I started on a journey and I lost more than 25 kg in total - 18 in the first 3 monthsAll my contact with her was via phone calls and I am so thankful for how she helped me. The plan has now become a lifestyle and a very easy one to keep my weight down. I will refer her to anyone who needs help.


Our eldest daughter, who is ultra competitive, developed an eating disorder. The family consulted a specialist Clinical Psychologist for treatment. We were advised to engage a dietician to assist with proper meal planning and food intake monitoring. Genevieve was our go-to diet fundi. I'm my opinion, Gen was way more helpful in our finding a solution than was the psychiatric profession. Happy ending for the entire family, and our daughter is now a proper foodie (and loves cooking). We owe Genevive big…

Garth Walker

Mrs Jardine provides a highly professional service, whilst being friendly and always caring, especially during the trying time of diagnosis and active treatment. She was readily available to provide advice during consultations and in between formal appointments if needed. I also appreciated her very scientific approach in providing advice on what does and does not contribute to causing cancer or a recurrence of cancer in the face of a lot of unsubstantiated advice on the internet.


Mrs Jardine was very professional in all our dealings with her and was very helpful. If we had any concerns or wanted some advice to change items in our meal plan, we could email her, and she responded very promptly.

Ken & Rona

Thank you so much for your time and your empathy. I really appreciate your time and being seen.

Ishara S.

I have been consulting with Gen, virtually/telephonically for the past 5 years. Gen has assisted me through many health concerns and has always given me the time, care and concern to consult and find a "solution" to my health problems. I value Gen's advice greatly - she is exceptionally knowledgeable. I have recovered from certain ailments that were extremely distressing to me through her guidance and care. I cannot recommend Genevieve enough as a health practitioner.

Lauren Olinsky

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